as if he doesn’t have enough choirs, stephen has started a new one. it’s called BIGMOUTH, and it meets in Northcote on a Tuesday night. This group is going to be characterised by being big, by having mouths, and by singing hopefully awesome arrangements of modern-ish songs, sometimes with a band. it’s kind of, um, full....but if you want to bust in or join the waiting list email me at the address to the right. we have about 80 on the books right now.

spooky men just got their music used on a beer commercial in NZ. we were delighted, because we think they get spooky even better than we do.


My Melbourne lunaticos men in suits also filmed this, which is us rehearsing for our new role as the compassionate face of melbourne public transport:


to contact me, or get added to my mailing list:

what’s new?


to stephen taberner’s new website. it’s possible you may be familiar with this man as a result of his work with the spooky men’s chorale. aside from that, he’s pretty much just your average melbourne based singing/songwriting/double bass playing choirleader with a passion for keyboards, drum kit, pygmy jam sessions, flash mobs, and pointlessly grandiose male singing projects.

if you live in SYDNEY, there’s going to be a grand flashmob choir formed for a performance in the Rocks on Australia Day, performing the song “Bury me deep in Love” which will be distributed by e-means, and brushed up on with a big rehearsal the night before (monday 25/1). this is based on the beautiful experience we had in hobart with “under the milky way.” here’s how the arrangement sounded when BIGMOUTH sang it in the Northcote Town Hall: